I’ve had the pleasure to work with many talented musicians over my career. Click on the CD covers to find out more information about each project, including my role and where to purchase when available. Keep an eye out for some exciting new releases in the near future.

Stcec Second Avenue Crush
Bend-in-the-road-Spencer Johnnie Basset Tilt The-Pickups The-Brett-Lucas-Band-Cover
Cover-1 copy TD Live The-Lifers-front-cover Doop blood Angela
TD Love Xmas Wwailinlive
Sling mud
uncutdetroit2 uncutdetroit3 Det Vol3 S-Calloway1 SFrankie

Soon to be Released:

  • The Rattlesnake Shake Live at the Cadiuex Cafe.
  • New Recordings from the band Lucas
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