Brett Lucas Band Rescheduled for Feb 19 2023 Winter Blast in Royal Oak.

HI, so I'm excited to be a part of the 2023 Winter Blast in Royal Oak, Mi this year!  It was going to happen on Fb 5th but now it's been rescheduled to Sunday Feb 19th!

I'm going to be trying some new songs that I've written and like always I have a great line up of musicians.  That is what really drives my sound.  I couldn't do it with out the players that inspire me. 

We were recently in the studio where I had Grady Caplin play some pedal steel on some songs along with Chuck Bartels on Bass and Rob Avsharian on Drums.  It sounds so cool that I thought that I have to do a gig with that line up.  Also joining us is Nick Calcaterra on percussion.  I'm excited to have him join the gig too.  I have yet to hear his playing but everyone has told me that he is great.  Hopefully, I'll have some video of the rehearsal to post. 

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