Sabby's on July 21st!

The BLB is looking forward to playing at Sabby's in St. Clair Shores Friday July 21st!  This is the original rockin' late night let's party time slot of 9:30pm until 1:30am.  That use to be the standard time I would play gigs until Covid hit and changed everything.  Now I'm usually fighting rush hour to get to a gig lol!  I don't mind either honestly, I'm just excited to be able to throw down musically and not to be told to turn my volume down because table number 3 can't talk over the music.  So let's rock! 

The BLB will be featuring Nick Calcaterra on percussion and backing vocals, Rob Avsharian on drums, and Rocco Popielarski on bass.   

We will be coming from an earlier gig at the Farmington Founders Festival from 5:30-8pm, so if you're out that way please come out and say hi! 

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