Pandemic in Review

As with most musicians around the world, my career came to a grinding halt with the advance of the Corona virus.  I had a ton of gigs and tours lined up for the spring and summer.  One by one they were canceled.  Like multiple little light bulbs flickering off until the whole room turned completely dark.  It was time to focus on family and being safe.  Getting food and making sure we had...toilet paper.  Finding toilet paper was a major sense of pride for anyone in those days.  I'm talking around the world too!  I remember my wife being so lucky to be in Kroger when they brought a box out and she got a few rolls.  Wow, we were going to make it!

Gigs did start to trickle in once the state limit on gatherings began to be lifted.  At first, my every other gig at the London Chop House came back.  Then solo acoustic and patio gigs started to be booked God bless them!  Speaking of God's blessing, my church service at Impact crossed over to being filmed instead of in person, and it is still that way.  Pastor Keenann Knox has been saving the day for me by employing me at his church.    I cannot thank him enough. 

Things leveled off with the type of gigs and I was thankful that I could sing and play guitar.  Then crazy offers came in that I turned down.  No, I'm not going to play your cabin up north with no care of Covid spreading lol!

It did become busy.  I split the month up with 2 camping trips a month with my family in our old pop-up camper and the other weeks I lined up gigs.   

What I realized from the pandemic is that I truly love playing electric guitar.  I love playing music with my friends and having that connection with them.  That was a big void for me during this pandemic.  It wasn't the attention from an audience I was seeking, it was making music with other musicians.  They are the inspiration for me.  It's really like getting back to the beginning.  Getting back to the garage and basement jams of my youth.  It was truly the experience of playing as a band that was so exciting back then.  It still is.   I hope to see you soon!    

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