1. In Our Hearts

From the recording Over The Seas

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In Our Hearts written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music


In our Hearts
Words and Music
By Brett Lucas

If you want, I will be, your every everything
I will take, care of all, the little things you needs.

So you won’t be left in the cold
So your worries will never have to be told.

You’ll have gifts, on the days, that you turn another age
And have dreams of my love, on the nights when I’m away


Sometimes it’s hard for people to trust
But that is where we all love, the most.
It’s deep in our souls, and in our hearts, it’s in our hearts.


If there’s a doubt, in your mind, or you can’t leave your past behind
I assure, from my soul, if you hold on, I’ll never let go.