Over The Seas

Brett Lucas

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Over The Seas

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Over The Seas is my third full length album and second album as a solo artist. It is a collection of songs that I gathered while on an extensive tour in Europe with legendary soul singer Bettye Lavette. We left Europe and landed in Seattle, Washington for a few shows and a couple of days off. The name Over The Seas references this journey as a songwriter and as a traveling musician.
Seattle is a special place for me when I get a chance to visit there. There’s truly unique feel to that city. So I decided to booked time at Sound House Studios on my days off and asked Bettye Lavette’s backing band to record with me. After two days in the studio we recorded all of the “bed tracks” before I flew home to Detroit to begin working on the overdubs. Even though I finished most of the overdubs in Detroit, I feel that this album really belongs to Seattle.
The cover of the album is an old photo of Pioneer Square in Seattle from the turn of the century. The totem pole has a very unique history about it. It was stolen from the Tlingit people, burned down in 1938 and then the city of Seattle asked the Tlingit Tribe to replace it with a new one. It was only after they replaced it that they were finally paid for the totem pole that was originally stolen from them. It’s still there to this day! The Northwest pine forests where laid over the picture in order to add that other element that Seattle offers, it’s beautiful nature. There’s also a second thought of what that represents. I’m a person that is concerned about all that has been lost through the years such as nature, culture, traditions and a since of community. Over The Seas also marks the first time that my wife Rachel sings with me on an album. She’s featured on the song “In Our Hearts” and also on a song that I wrote about our wedding day called “My Promise.” “My Promise” was actually written in my hotel room the day before these sessions started. I was happy to craft it there.
As I mentioned before, Over The Seas also features Bettye Lavette’s touring band. Al Hill is on the Keyboards, James Simonson is on the Bass and Darryl Pierce is on the Drums. Also featured is my Detroit crew: Max Bauhof on percussion, Regina Varnado and Brent McKay on Backing Vocals, Jimmy Smith on Trumpet and James Hughes on Saxophone. Peter Jay mixed and mastered the album.
If I were asked which track would be my favorite, I would have to say Holding Ground but if you have a favorite please let me know at www.brettlucas.com or on my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/brettlucasmusic.

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