1. Lost and Alone

From the recording Over The Seas

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Lost and Alone written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music


Lost and Alone
Words and Music
By Brett Lucas

Time moves slow when you’re on your own
And time can be hard when you know
That no matter which way
You’re going to take today
You’ll still be a long way from home.

Twenty-two cents and I’ll send you a tenth
Of the thoughts that run through my mind
Just a post-card of a town, I would’ve never found
And in four days I’ll cross the state line.

So won’t you take me home,
down that long dusty road
Where the Poplar trees stand in a row
Where my memories take me back to younger days
When I wasn’t so lost and alone.

It’s been two years and two days
Since I’ve seen your face
Which I remember like September rain
As I sit on this bench, I feel like a broken fence
I need you, to stand me up straight.