1. Let's Run Away

From the recording Second Avenue Crush

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Let's Run Away written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music 2009


Let’s Runaway
Words and music by
Brett Lucas

Yesterday, holds my worries, on a fast train, leaving town.
I never want to look back, cause I’ll be moving on, saying goodbye.
And you’ll see my, on the highway, walking down the road,
That long hot road.
There I’ll be trying to remember, where I wanted to go,
‘cause my loves no more.

And I wanted to stay but it feels so good going anyway.
And I wanted to say let’s runaway, let’s runaway.

Last night, I looked through your window,
And I saw you standing there, combing your hair.
And I wondered, if you would miss me,
‘cause I’ll be missing you, that wouldn’t be fair.
Because you were the reasons, for my days,
The reasons why I stayed, as long as I have.