From the recording Second Avenue Crush

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Keeping This Inside written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music 2009


Keeping It Inside
Words and music by Brett Lucas

I’ve been keeping it inside
It’s all waiting for a sign
Just a look, that will tell me, if I’m right
That you could be my valentine.

Now, what would you say?
If I cross, the line that we have made
If the words, don’t come easy, I’ll fill in the blanks
Yes, I, Feel, The, Same.

I want to tell you, that I can’t get you out of my dreams
The whole time that we’ve been friends
I’ve been wishing for other things
And it’s getting hard, on my self esteem.

How, can I tell this to you?
If I don’t make the first move
I’ve written you a letter, just check the square.
Pass it back down to me it you dare.