From the recording Second Avenue Crush

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Baby I'm On You written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music 2009


Baby, I’m On You
Words and music by
Brett Lucas

Oh no I think I’m falling
I just can’t keep from calling on you
Cause baby I’m on you.

I know I’m acting crazy,
But I just can’t stop it cause you baby
You drive me crazy.

And if you know for sure
That you’re love is no more
You have to let me know
Cause I can’t take no more

If you should fail to mention
The answer to my question
Are you still thinking of me?

I’ll wait for you decision
If only your position tells you
To go and tell me


If I have let you down
Keep your feet on the ground
Someday, there will be someway



I know its awkward baby
To think that you just maybe need me
Though you say you don’t need me

But I’ll keep my fingers crossing
In hopes that I’ll be calling on you
Cause baby I’m on you