From the recording Second Avenue Crush

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Tell Me All Your Secrets written by Brett Lucas
ASCAP Jr Flip Music 2009


Tell me all you secrets
Written by Brett Lucas

Once upon a midnight clearing, stars so bright they shine below.
You’re so fragile, I’m so wicked, my heart pounds, my eyes glow.

Will you tell me all your secrets, all the ones that nobody knows.
Fill my mind with fantasies; touch my hands with your soul.

You lay waiting, waters rushing, skin so soft the sand blows.
Closer to me I lay restless, I’m your shelter from the cold.


All that of beauty, which words can’t bear,
Birds sing no longer, it’s you I hear.

Minutes passing, hours like lions, my desires I can’t control.
Lips so soft like flowers of splendor, your eyes look for me to hold.