From the recording Wrong Side of Right

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Written by Brett Lucas ASCAP Jr Flip and Tosha Owens ASCAP Hidden Angel.


You Ain’t Right written by Brett Lucas and Tosha Owens

You call me for a date
I say that I can’t wait
You said be ready by seven
I tell you that would be great
I let the candles shine
And chill a bottle of wine you don’t show up till 9

You say you have no money
Didn’t get to the bank
And although I believe you baby an ATM I ain’t
You’ve got to be in control
To get with me you know
Get there before they close

You ain’t right
Oh baby you ain’t right
I don’t know why I put up with you
When you know that we should be through
Though you don’t treat me right
Love you with all my might
Oooh baby you ain’t right

We go to the movies
And we go downtown
Your eyes are always straying baby
As if I wasn’t around
Careful what you’re doing
Better watch yourself
It could be bad for your health

You Know I made reservations
at my favorite place
Oh but when the tab came baby
You left without a trace
I paid with my last dime
This is the last time
You can get out of my face


Baby get some insurance
Before I see you again
I hope you know what you’re doing
You’re gonna lose a friend